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Boring Coupon Talk and Rust Mobiles

I just got back from Kroger. I REALLY miss my old circulars. For some reason we don't get grocery store circulars in the mail here. NONE!! I used to get at least 5 ever Wednesday in Albuquerque. I'm not even sure my old Walmart ways would even work here if we had a Walmart because I've got no circulars to demand competitive prices with. Are we not important out here in the sticks? I mean, I still have to go to the city to shop!! Hello?! I'm here! Doesn't your marketing research show you that?

It's sort of killing me that our cost of living as gone up because I can use my old tricks. Thanks to a link from E4H (Engineer-4-Hire), I've been dabbling in new ways to save. So, I started doing the coupon thing a couple of weeks ago. I've been playing the game and it's been fun snagging some deals. Today I bought two things of crest pro-health toothpaste for 50 cents each, pantene shampoo and hair product for 25 cents each, charmin for free, and Iams dog food for half of what we normally pay for it (only 10.99/regularly 19.99) and THEN on top of all that I got another 5 bucks off my grocery bill. I just LOVE doing the e-coupons in conjunction with the doubled manufactured coupons and using other people's research to do it. That said, it is somewhat labor intensive. As prepared as I think I am when I enter the store, it took me twice as long... and there are some deals I just don't know are deals until I get to the store because they aren't advertised or they aren't on these blog lists. Then, I'm left calculating in my head doing my best to avoid impulsively buying something I really don't need just because it's a bargain. Ugh. My circular scam was sooooo much better.

We have a very exciting new years planned. We're going to have go get Nick's old mustang out of my grandpa's storage sometime this weekend because he's moving. Getting it into storage was a pain in the a** so you can imagine how we are feeling about the idea of getting it out. When we released the car off the trailer it flew down the ramp and slammed into the ground screwing up the clutch. It was at least running prior to that incident. Now, it's just going to be me and Nick pushing that thing together. Pray for us.

Not much else going on here. It's been such a mild winter here. A few days ago we topped out at 70. I'm not sure what the actual temperature was today but I'm guessing it was around 60. Wild.


Sam J. said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam J. said…
have you tried the Sunday paper? I know out here in AZ, I too get the circulars, but I think the big ones, and other manufacturer coupons also come in the paper regularly (I think on Sunday).
who would go and delete a comment like that?

i get the sunday paper... there is one circular in it, the kroger circular. unfortunately, it only shows about 20% of the actual deals. i don't know until I get in the store what is on sale. sometimes they will have a one page food lion ad (with all of ten things on sale). it sucks.
Sidhe said…
We go through the same thing here, limited circulars and coupons. I've been working at looking online at the circulars and some other things but I really need to get more coupons and access to better deals.

I'm interested in hearing more about your Mustang (we have a '69 Mach I and a '65 Coupe)...

P.S. I tagged you.
AdellBeek said…
It is twenty degrees here, and I am getting some of the color back in my face, and I think my hands will get some feeling back in them, so I am a little jealous of the warm weather you are suffering through.

I tried the coupon thing, but I always forgot them at home, so I don't even look for coupons anymore.

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