Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Home Improvement Leads to Loss of Sensation in Tip of....


Anyway, take a look at the picture above. Which of the elements don't belong?

Answer: the chandelier. It's a brushed "platinum" finish. All the other metal finishes in the room are an antiqued "bronze." The two finishes just don't mesh. I'm the type of person that is bothered by that. So I spent the better part of Sunday spray painting the chandelier to match everything else. Below is the finished result. Nice, huh?

Not so much. During the painting process, I lost sensation in my forefinger. I thought this was a temporary condition, so I continued to spray on. Unfortunately, the feeling has not alleviated. It's been at least 72 hours and my finger stills feel like it's asleep. What the heck? In hindsight, I'd rather have feeling in my forefinger then a harmonious dining room.


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