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Poulet a la moutarde/Chicken in Mustard

When I saw the recipe for chicken in mustard (poulet a la moutarde) showcased on Melissa d'Arabian's Food Network show 10 Dollar Dinners I knew I had to try it.  I faithfully DVR the show every week.  My favorite episodes are ones where she makes french recipes doable with american ingredients and budgets.  I just love french flavors; they just aren't that easy or practical to make here with our american ingredients. It gets expensive quickly.

The chicken in mustard recipe is a revamp of a french bistro classic, rabbit in mustard (lapin a la moutarde).  Since rabbit isn't exactly budget friendly here, she makes it with chicken thighs.  I don't know why I haven't thought of substituting chicken thighs for rabbit in french recipes before.  It makes so much sense with both of them being dark, flavorful meats.

Unfortunately my photo doesn't do the dish justice.  The photo was an afterthought.  The picture taken here was of plate of the leftovers we had already smothered in sauce.

The flavors in this dish had me reminiscing of fond memories spent in France.  I highly recommend you try it.  The uniquely french flavor combinations of tarragon and dijon mustard is phenomenal!!!  You can get the simple recipe here.

Substitutions: I didn't use white wine because my husband isn't a big fan of wine in cooking.  I used extra chicken stock instead.  I also didn't have any mushrooms so I added extra onion.  It's a very forgiving recipe that you can easily tweak to your tastes.  I accidentally put the dijon mustard in during the chicken stock phase instead of the end as was specified in the recipe.  It was no big deal.  I always use 100% whole grain noodles.


Sara L said…
Sounds yummy! I will definitely try this one!
Mrsblocko said…
Oh yes, I agree! Looks very yummy indeed. Thanks for posting about not using wine. sometimes i just dont feel like buying a bottle just for cooking.
Aliceson said…
Ooh, yum! Jesse doesn't really like mustard but if I don't tell him what's in it, I could probably get away with it. ;)

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