Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yay for fresh produce!

I got a lot of FREEBIES today. I went to three stores. It took some energy but it was well worth it.

Store #1- TARGET

8.4 oz Gillette Bodywash ($2 retail)

Pledge Multi-surface Cleaner (3.50 retail)
FREE plus I made .25 to find out how, click here
*I've noticed today that they took off the $3 coupon, so this opportunity may have just expired! Dang it, I was going to go get two more when I go out tomorrow!)

Johnson's and Johnson's Shampoo
paid .50 cents ea. (regularly $3!)


Free baby crackers
Free Tuna
Free Zatarains
.14 dinner rolls
Free Kashi entree
.34 deodorant
.13 corn bread mix

Store #3 - Kroger

So I rolled all that money I saved on the bad stuff at the other stores for the "good" stuff currently on sale at Kroger and picked up a whole bunch of fresh produce and fish. Broccoli, asparagus, salad, grapes, yams, apples, and squash. I'm so glad fresh produce is reasonably priced again. Though broccoli and yams are usually reasonable all year round, they aren't always and I was growing tired of the other frozen and canned stuff. Yuck!


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