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You Win Some and You Lose Some

We were shut in all weekend long with the rain. There wasn't so much as a 2 hour window rain free during waking hours so we never got our long easy recovery run in as planned. Not to be discouraged, we checked the weather for Monday and it looked better so I told Nick; "Hey, take off an hour early on Monday. We will go running after work and get it in then." So, Nick reschedules some of his meetings at work and I rearranged the kid's nap schedule and my personal schedule to accommodate an unusual Monday afternoon run. All day it was cloudy, but there was no rain. Things were looking up. The forecast said there was a possibility of it starting to rain again around 6. Perfect. We just had 8 miles to do, we can fit it in.

Of course, when we go to drive out to the running spot, it starts to rain. Our hopes were squashed. There'd be no run for us with the kids. I can't have my kiddos out there 50 degrees in the rain getting soaked to the bone. The whole ordeal just has me feeling completely beat down at the moment. It takes a lot of energy just to get out there in the first place (bottles, snacks... you've heard that all before and then stow them in the car and the mental energy it takes to change my schedule, etc). Further, there is no hope of getting a long run in tomorrow as Nick will be out of town for a bit this week. This was our last chance. So, I guess it's me and the flippin' elliptical for 80 minutes tonight. Another option I have is to leave Nick with the kids while I do the same killer 1/2 mile of crazy hills over and over and over by myself in the rain. As these hills aren't "easy" and they don't fit the recovery bill this run is supposed to be, I won't be choosing that option. I hate the road we live on with a fiery passion, that's how insanely difficult it is.

I suppose the lesson here is that we need to invest in a rain shield for the kids. Obviously, we never needed one in Albuquerque. And during our 10 weeks of training this go round so far we have been able to successfully avoid precipitation with little impact on the training schedule until now. As we approach Spring on the East Coast, I guess we'd best get used to the rain.

OK, well, now that I've vented. I'm going to go get dinner done and then hop on the elliptical. D-day is just 6 days.


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