Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have been finding some AWESOME coupons and rebates in the beer section and I don’t even have to buy the beer. What’s beautiful about rebates is that they only look for the price before coupons making it really easy to hit the seemingly difficult required amounts. They don’t care whether you got the item(s) free or for 10 cents, all they care about is what they're worth.

So far this week, I’ve submitted $50 of rebates using receipts for things I already purchased and it took me an hour (maybe) to fill everything out and look through my old receipts. One rebate was $10 for steak or seafood (paid for some tilapia I bought in May), one was for $15 for soda and snacks (I'm married to Nick remember, so NOT a problem), and another was for $30 of plain old groceries… that’s right, GROCERIES!! Lettuce, tomatoes, milk, whatever!

I heard through the HCW grapevine a while back (before I did rebates) that there was a rebate out for $50 off of your grocery purchases of $150 or more. I really couldn't handle the idea of doing that when I was first starting. I was spending enough time in the stores as it was and I thought VA was excluded from the rebate game. But, now that I've got the hang of it you know I’m going to be perusing the liquor section every time I go to the grocery store looking for free money and if I can't find it, you bet I'm going to trade for it!


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