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Extending the Harvest

We are coming close to the dreaded first frost. So today after pumpkin picking I went out and put some protection on our cauliflower. The cauliflower is a bit of an experiment. It has a 55 seed to maturity date and we thought we'd give it a try as it will hypothetically reach maturity around early November. We should be able to keep it alive until then with protection, I THINK. I hear when doing late crops you have to add a couple extra weeks for cold weather crops and that may be a bit of a stretch. We figured what the heck do we have to lose, you never know unless you try?!

In the above pic, the mache Marie-France got us is the uncovered crop in between the covered crops. The cauliflower is the long covered row. The short covered row is roquette but it doesn't seem to be doing as well this go round as it did in early spring. We also have some spinach in the right of the pic but it is too small to notice. It's growing the speed of molasses! We planted the same crops 3 weeks later to attempt to stagger the crop a bit and are planning to do the same again. Their still a little too small to notice just yet.

It is our understanding that mache can last through winter given it is a mild one. According to the farmer's almanac (or so I hear) that will not be the case for us. It's supposed to be the coldest winter in 34 years! Yuck. Nonetheless, what do we have to lose?

As of this moment in time, our tomatoes are still alive. Below is a pic of our grape tomato plant that continues to thrive and the tomatoes I picked just TODAY!!

Our Old German heirloom has plenty of fruits but we are going to have to pick these soon if they don't turn themselves in lieu of the coming frosts.

We still have quite a few peppers too. Hurry little peppers!! Don't you know the frost is coming?!!!

Last but not least, here is a little bean that just popped up. Poor guy, it's just not the right time!


Aliceson said…
Good Luck! Our first kill freeze was last weekend. I have one more tomato in the house then I'll have to actually buy some from the grocery store. Too bad the frost has come so early this year. I hope it holds out a bit for you.

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