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Mindless Suburban Transplant Babble

I'm in bit of a daze today. I'm still under the weather and a little loopy on cold medication. At one point this morning I thought I was about to lose it. Tired, sleep deprived and aching to the core, my kids got into their closet for the 40th time and had taken every single piece of clothing out of it while I made breakfast. Really kids?! I just don't have any energy for this sh*t today!?!!!

A couple breaths....


and out...

A moment on the porch amongst the swaying trees watching the clouds roll in.

Slowly, I returned to my calm self. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The entire contents of the closet being thrown about the floor no longer seemed to be a big deal.

I never got the country life as a kid. I'd have told you that anyone living in the country was a crazy loon. Back then, I didn't care for suburbia either. I had spent too many summers stranded without a car 4 miles from the nearest store. My parents were busy working parents and we were left alone most of the summer bored out of our minds. We lived in a large gated community in Stafford County, an affluent suburb of Washington DC called "Aquia Harbor." The only place I thought that could be worse than the suburbs was the country. I used to think that if I'm this bored here in the suburbs, imagine how boring it must be in the country?! I felt kind of sorry for country folks.

I obviously couldn't have been more wrong. I almost feel sad that I wasn't at least able to recognize and appreciate the beauty of this lifestyle. Now that I'm here, I'm delighted to know first hand that life in the sticks is anything but boring. It's quiet, it's peaceful, but never boring.
How could we ever be bored with so much to observe and do?! It simply never gets old.

That's not to say that there aren't plenty of electronic distractions out here (blogs included) but I'm lucky to have a husband that will reel me in when I get a little too self-absorbed. He regularly tugs me out onto the porch so I don't get so wrapped up in unimportant matters that I miss the opportunity to hear the rain pitter patter in the forest before a storm passes. We all are responsible for keeping each other grounded here and I think this land we live on in the middle of nowhere makes it a little easier to do just that.

I came across an awesome blog the other day of a woman who is a city transplant who now lives on a big ole ranch in Oklahoma. I have fallen in love with her blog. She has a lot of cute stories, beautiful photos, and tasty recipes. Take a gander if you wish:


Aliceson said…
I love country life too! The great views, the fresh air and no one around to judge you when you've had enough and finally yell at the kids when they've done something annoying for what seems like the gazillionth time. Yeah, been there. Thank goodness for porches and fresh country air!
sheila said…
I don't live in the country but my mom does. And just listening to the quiet nature surrounding me is incredible!

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