Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tree House Update

As it has been weeks since the last post...  I suppose we need a tree house update.

Nick finished the joists and I helped him secure in the railing posts.  This process took a good weekend and a half to complete.  Mind you we had family obligations and guests in town so that didn't exactly speed up the process.

Once the posts were in, Nick began laying the floor boards.  Nick is just shy of completing these.  It will likely be next weekend until the final boards are laid though.

We will have a hole in the center of the deck by the tree for access from underneath the structure.

We took another trip to Restore, Habitat for Humanity's non-profit store early this morning.  Unlike last time, we really lucked out and found the small windows we were looking for.  We also found a shorter than average door that will just be perfect for the front of the structure.

 miniature door on top of large window

two smaller windows for front and side of the structure

None of the windows match and Nick will have to build a sill for one them.  We don't care.  This is fun, and I love the idea of finding and reusing old materials wherever possible and designing as we work.

For the back of the structure we've been considering attaching a climbing net with a doggie door entrance but the cost of a doggie door is more expensive than all of the windows we bought combined.  So we are still working out just how we will get kids into the structure from the back without a full-on door.  It might just be a pass through with some sort of covering.  We'll see.  For now, we are keeping our options open and our eye on Craigslist!



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