Saturday, January 28, 2012

Going Plant Strong

When I was pregnant, towards the end my body didn't like the strain of the extra 36-42 lbs I put on and I had pre-eclampsia every time.  It's not shocking... my mom and sister both had the same ordeal, though mine did seem to be less severe (which I attribute to a lot of exercise, like jogging).  By 4 weeks post partum my blood pressure would go back to normal except this last time it didn't!!!

So, doc said I needed to be put on BP meds for the time being, at least until I lost the 20 lbs of extra baby weight I was carrying.  Thankfully, through breastfeeding and running I lost that weight plus an extra 4.  Yay! So I went off the medication and my BP skyrocketed right back up.  I was having complications (a dry cough) with the last medication, so I was switched to a new one.  The small doses didn't seem to have an affect so now I'm on a full dose of Cozaar.  Not cool!!

So, I'm conducting an experiment and I am putting the Engine 2 Diet/Forks Over Knives lifestyle to the test and see if I can't get off the full dose of Cozaar.  It's very scary to me to be on so much medication when I'm only 35.  My mom had similar issues though she weighed twice as much me and her BP's would often be in the 200's with medication.  Craziness.

For those of you who have never heard of Engine 2 or Forks Over Knives, I encourage you to click on the link.  Basically, I'll be following a plant based only, no dairy, no eggs, low to no fat, low salt diet.  Y'all are welcome to join me for the ride for the next month as I try to stick to what may seem to others, very strict!  Let's see how it goes.


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