Sunday, October 2, 2011

Treehouse Update

All the framing is up!!!  I can hardly believe it.

Starting to see it come together. 

From the front.  We are going to go with a metal roof so you can hear the rain go ping when it hits the roof.  It's our family's favorite sound.

From the rear.  The larger back wall has the largest window with the best view of the woods.
You don't realize just how limited your time is until you try to do a project like this.  Kids make it so much harder to get any real work done.  Add in business trips and Nick being gone for a week... and it's just been all the harder.  

I'm admit that I'm weary.  Very weary.  With Nick being gone all week and now gone all weekend to build this tree house I just haven't had much time to workout or do the things I need to do to keep care of myself or to feel sane.

Oh well, it's just going to be a while.  We're going to have to be patient.  Maybe we can do a November open date?


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