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Yay for Small Houses

How AWESOME is this?!!! Check this out! Believe it or not America, you do not need a big house!! Sara is out to set the example.

I find it funny when people keep saying our house is small (if they don't say it they imply it) for the four of us when it's just perfect. We are living off of 525 sf per person, perhaps it may eventually be 435 sf per person?? NO plans yet. Why have all that extra space if you are only going to use it for that very occasional dinner party or guest? Why? So that we can go and brag about it? Does a bigger house make you a better person, or a happier person? I'd much rather have money in the bank then a giant house I hate to clean and my husband in a job he hates to make sure we have money for it all. Bigger houses mean less quality time for yourself and your kids. I think big houses are for families that don't like to spend time together. Sure, everyone needs time away, but do we need an entire wing for the ourselves or the kids?

I'm in utter admiration of Sara. Yay for energy conservation!! She is my hero... seriously. When everyone is out trying to buy flashy giant houses and glammy cars, she is out doing what is best for not only herself but for her country.

If you've lived in a major city like DC (as we have) you learn to live with less space. Most of that extra space is just plain unnecessary. Just because one lives in the country doesn't mean one should go and sprawl out five times over because one can "afford" it out there. I'm glad we've had the chance to be cramped in a little one bedroom condo. It taught us to be appreciative of the space we have and to be wise about how we organize it.

I hope this trend to downsize continues. Thank you for being such a great role model Sara!!


Aliceson said…
I'm so excited for her. I haven't seen the house yet, but soon! She's right, that's totally enough room for her. And from what I've heard, it has a big yard.

We've had houses of all sizes, the biggest being 3700 sq ft (I think you were there once) definitely too big for us. And really, I don't need to be cleaning 5 bathrooms!
Sara said…
Thank you for you kind post.

I and SOOOO ecxited about the new house! Perhaps I did not spend my last year of school researching and designing a small cottage for nothing...

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