Friday, March 27, 2009

Sister Deals

I got so many great deals I went back to Harris Teeter for more.

I got:
1 Motts natural Apple sauce
1 large Mahatma rice**
2 small mahatma rices**
2 wacky macs**
2 no yolks**
2 freezer pilsbury rolls
4 pilsbury biscuits
2 totinos rolls
2 GG steamers (vegetables)
4 GG vegetables
2 Clabber Girl Baking powders

Total OOP (out of pocket) 2.95
Coupons tendered 54.63
**I will be donating most of the rice and the carb stuff.

I was so ecstatic, I told my sister. Whoa, did she do an AMAZING job. She did way better then I did on my first trip. I'm so proud, I just had to post! She did all the work herself and did the break down below so I can't take credit for it in any way. In true couponer fashion, she even took a brag picture. Way to go!!!

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 2.19 (.40/1)=.99
Betty Crocker Frosting 1.99 (.50/1)=.49cents
Mahatma Ric 1.79 (50/1)=.29cents
Frosted Mini Wheats 4.58 (VIC 2.29) (.75/1)=.04cents
Wet Ones 2.89 (.75/1)=.64 cents
2-Muir Glen Soup 2.29 (.75/1)=.04 cents
2-Pillsbury Dinner Rolls 3.65 (VIC 1.15) (.50/1)=1.00
Texas Garlic Toast 3.39 (VIC .70) (.75/1)=.44cents
2-Totino PizzRoll 4.38 (VIC 2.19) (.35/2) =.09cents
4-Green Giant Frozen Veg 8.00 (VIC 4.00) (.60/2) (.60/2)=.40cents
2-Allens Frozen Veg 4.00 (VIC 2.00) (.55/1) =.35cents
4-Pillsburgy flaky biscuits 6.76 (VIC 3.38) (.50/2) FREE

OOP = 2.80
Coupons Tendered = 49.51


Blogger Aliceson said...

Serious couponing must run in your family. Awesome deals!

March 30, 2009 at 11:50 AM  

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