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Catching Up

Last week was miserable and lonely.Nick was out of town for work and not only did I not have the Internet all week (mind you all my mom's club info in online), one day the carbon monoxide detector wouldn’t stop beeping.I blew on it, unplugged it and it kept beeping.Then, when I put it in another location it stopped.So, I freaked out.I put it back, it beeped again.With Nick out of town, I called my neighbors and they weren’t home.So, I ended up putting the kids in playpens on our back porch to keep them safe while I waited for the Fire Department to come and make sure we weren't in the middle of a toxic death trap.As it turns out, all was well, and they were happy to come out and check it.I guess we have a faulty detector.But these situations are very stressful, especially when you are on your own.
Nick got home late Thursday evening well after the kids went to bed.When he did get home on Friday we had a nice long weekend (though it felt really short).On Saturday we had a lazy d…

Garden Progress Pics

The garden is coming along well. Nick installed the electric fence a few weekends ago. The cauliflower, some of the yellow summer squash and all beans have sprouted. The beans have REALLY taken off. We also have a few grape tomatoes hanging!

The Garden and Electric Fence

The bad news, however, is that we have had extremely wet weather. Just yesterday it was sunny during the day but it poured last night. We think the wet weather is what has killed the pumpkins. One of the pumpkin seeds sprouted and then quickly rotted away. The others didn't even sprout.

Our zucchini and broccoli have not sprouted either. It's been about two weeks since we planted them. But, I think the broccoli can take up to 21 days so I'm not giving up on them just yet. I think the zucchini is dead and we will have to replant or try something else.

Also, I think the extreme wet has hurt the strawberries. We planted them in mounds to ensure good drainage. But with all the crazy rain they've tu…

Mother's Day 2009

I realized when I woke up this morning that poor little Olive could barely open her eyes. She was so swollen. I was a nervous wreck. I rushed Olive to the vet along with the kids. Our new vet took care of Olive with some cortisone shots to her face. Poor thing. I don't know what's worse, being bitten by a spider or shots to the face?

Anyway, our weekend was delightful. Mother's Day is always a good day for me. Nick took care of breakfast and dinner and we went out for lunch on the downtown pedestrian mall. A day off from feeding the family is a good thing every once in a while.

When you don't eat out that often eating out becomes a real treat. We had a delightful time walking up and down the mall. Charlottesville is loaded with lots of great people watching. There were several street musicians so Ladybug had a ball dancing around.

Our exciting Friday Night and Design School

I made dinner and picked the greens from our garden. Were they ever tasty. (Jenn visited us from Richmond on Thursday and she got to taste them first hand. Is there ever a better reason to come visit?)

Anyway, after dinner, Nick and I took turns mowing the lawn. Now, we are watching Fashion Show on Bravo. Will it be as good as Project Runway? My guess is, no. Unfortunately, Project Runway was bought by Oxygen and we don't get the channel.

What I liked most about Project Runway was Tim Gunn. Every Project Runway episode allowed me to relive the first year of design class. Back then, I was averaging 3 hours of sleep a night (much like the designers) and I spent every spare second I had creating crazy projects in our design studio, whether it was an object that felt good in our hands, a stamped relief inspired by a piece of art, or a sculpture inspired by the proportions/patterns/rhythms of the Rotunda, etc.

Tim Gunn reminds me of my first design professor, Paul, and the projec…

Babysitter Woes

We just interviewed a new babysitter. I'm not into the idea of letting a high schooler watch my children especially considering the really young age of our children. But, this young girl is a daughter of one of Nick's colleagues and I thought I'd give it a go at his request.

After a thorough interview, it came time to bargain for pay. She told us she charged another couple (with special needs children) $15 an hour. (Holy cow. I'm thinking in my head, how many trained professionals in this economy would be happy to make that much?!) Then, she says, she will only charge us $12. Am I crazy, or is that crazy high? I'm mean, when I had just finished an in demand college degree, I made just a little over that doing skilled work in an entry level position for an architecture firm. Are you kidding me?!?!

I'm not into the whole letting a highschooler watch my children anyway (unless they have proven themselves), but at that rate couldn't I get an adult? Clear…

Weekend in Review

This weekend was beyond awesome. Though it was rainy and dismal pretty much the entire weekend we had the best time because I got a little bit of a break. Since I had to go to DC anyway for a cousin's shower, we decided to make an entire weekend out of it. My sister and I ventured over to Dupont Circle on Saturday for a little female bonding time.

When I got back to Nick's mom's Saturday afternoon, Nick and I left for dinner out with friends (without the kids). Then Nick and I ventured off on our own to have a mini date night. We went to Cosi for Smores and coffee like we did on our second date. We are celebrating 3 married years together on May 6th. :)

As the night ended, Nick and I decided we wanted to wake up to whole wheat pancakes so I stopped at Shoppers to pick up the ingredients (we were staying at Nick's moms.) Well, while we were there I couldn't help but spot the BEST deals. I keep my coupon book in my car at all times. Though we didn't have…