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Whole Wheat and Flax Seed Crepes

By the way I post breakfast food, you might think we eat like this everyday but in truth it is really quite rare.  On a glorious Sunday like today, however, how could we not celebrate with some fresh fruit and crepes?

I've never attempted vegan crepes so this was my first go of it.  I scoured the web and immediately gravitated to this recipe here because it used a flax seed "egg" (adding good for us Omega 3's) in place eggs and all the fat and cholesterol.  I used whole white wheat flour in lieu of whole wheat pastry flour but I'm sure the later would taste great too.   What a yummy morning!


Recipe Review - Post Punk Kitchen's Flabread with Creamy Red Pepper Scallion Spread

Isa Chandra posted about these flatbreads with creamy red pepper scallion spread on Friday and I knew I just had to make these right away.  I appreciate any way I can use the greens that currently overfloweth in the garden!   The fact I could also use our garden spring onions made it irresistible!

Y'all know I've posted about flat bread before.  We just love flat bread (a.k.a. naan).  We used to eat it mainly as a side dish to chicken tandoori.  But with rice, chicken, and bread it always felt like too much.  With our new plant based way of living, it's nice to actually just let the bread and veggies be the star.  It's a totally different way of thinking, but a really delicious and satisfying one.

I made a few modifications to the recipe of course.  Mainly, I started with a garlic naan recipe for the flatbread because I a.) love garlic and b.)already knew the recipe to be killer.  I'm sure Isa's is great but I couldn't resist the tried and true garlic naan …