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Redskins Report

Nick had his last final trip of the summer. I estimate he has been gone for approximately 25% of the summer and I can't help but feel that this has meant the summer has gone buy 25% quicker. Nonetheless, he is back home and boy am I glad.

Nick flew back into DC at 3 PM and as soon as he met up with me, we ran off to catch our first redskins game last weekend. DATE NIGHT. Nick thinks it's hilarious I pick such masculine things to do with our free time. But, I guess that's what happens when you marry a tom boy like myself.

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At first it looked like we had picked the worst game to go to. First Nick was on Netherlands time which meant that at the time the game started it felt like 2 AM to him. On our way there, the traffic was horrific being Friday night rush hour and it was POURING rain. We were lucky in that is stopped pouring in time for us to walk to the stadium from our parking. It was clear the rest of the night!

I had done a little homework and befor…

Vacation Pics - Part II

This weekend we were visited by Nick's bro, Sam and his family. We had a big Christmas-like dinner (we don't get much of an opportunity to do these sorts of things very often). We had a grand time hanging out and catching up.

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