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Family Weekend in GA... ACC Tanks

Nick had this last week off from work (he goes back Tuesday). Nick used his comp time and some vacation to get a long list of things done around the house including:

-treating the deck
-fixing an aesthetic issue with the roof
-putting a hole trough the brick wall so we could get a dryer vent in
-moved an air vent to make way for some shelving units
-painted a section of the porch
-blah, blah, blah, list goes on

Below is Nick drilling a hole in the wall.

pic removed

I was hoping to get a nice long run this weekend but Nick screwed up his ankle last week while running with some work buddies and he's been laid up. Hopefully, that will heal quickly. I miss our long runs. My body is showing it.

Anyway, after a long week of hard work, we headed to Atlanta to meet up with friends and enjoy some football, i.e. the VA Tech/GA Tech game. For those who aren't aware Nick is a GT grad, while i am a VT grad. So, either way, one of us was going to go home happy. We argued for a bit over what colors the children would wear and to be fair we decided that we each got to dress one child as we pleased.

Below are some pics of Bobby Dodd Stadium or as I affectionately call it, "Fancy Pants Stadium." I admit I haven't been to VT since Lane Stadium 2005 expansion, but Lane Stadium is not nearly as nice as Bobby Dodd.

Though most people would never attempt to take two children 3 and under, we did. It did have a few tough moments, but for the most part the kids were great. We had a blast. We made it through the 3rd quarter and then left to avoid the crowds. We watched the last quarter of the game from the comfort of the hotel just two blocks away. When watching from the hotel TV with the game just two blocks away, my stomach cringed every time the crowd roared. With the standard 30 second delay you knew when a big play was about to occur.

pics removed

The end score was 23/28 GT so hubs went home happy and I went home annoyed. VT dropped 10 places in the BCS Poll from #4 to #14 and GT gained 7 places from #19 to #12. Hardly a win for our division if you ask me. Not only did VT lose, so did the entire ACC. The ACC will not likely be represented in the top 5 at all this year. Though VT crushed Miami 31 to 7 and Miami kicked GT butt 33 to 17, both now rank above VT because of its NARROW loss against a decent team. This is BS if you ask me... but that's college football for you. Only a playoff system will fix the lack of fairness but like that's ever going to change.


JR911 said…
I still say GO HOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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