Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting Passed by Grammy

I thought today I'd do a little running update. On October 4th, we ran the Army 10-miler. We spent the weekend in DC and did the run on Sunday. It was a lot of fun. We had great weather but there were way too many people and not enough portapotties. Kind of a problem for me!

Anyway, despite that issue, the veterans that were out there pushing through the pain were amazing, not mention inspiring. I was also humbled as I watched a couple of 60+ year old grandmas pass. Of course, as they passed Nick looked at me like, "You aren't going to let that happen are you? Come on, speed it up!" Yeah, I let them pass. Hey, they were some fast grannies!

Above is one of the pics from the race photographers. I hate race photos (this one included.. and yet I post it). Pretty much every time I am sent these photos I look with dread. What will it be this time? Will my boobs be pasted to my chest? Will I have jiggle ripples or some horrible grimace on my face? The one above is the best I've had in quite some time and it's still not that great.

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Anyway, the race was exhilarating. After the race, I thought this fall would be a great time to really ramp up our running. Not so. Nick injured his ankle a couple weeks ago while running with buddies at work. That meant I didn't have my buddy to do my long runs with this month and it has been rough. Nick is finally feeling better this week but now I'm sick with some sort of flu (since Monday). I hope to get back on the running bandwagon this weekend.

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Below is Ladybug playing in a helicopter at the Army 10 Miler packet pick-up event.

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