Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earth Day

Earthbound Farms is giving away their reusable bags again in honor of Earth Day, April 22. They are giving them away all throughout the month and lucky me, I just won a bag. I won one last year also (it's not difficult).

I loved it so much that even when the handle broke because a special grocery employee put one too many 2-liters in the bag, I took the time to sew the handle back on. I felt so thrifty and cool. As long as you don't put 5 or 6 2-liters of diet soda in it at once, the bags really holds up. It holds way more than the average reusable bag at the grocery store.

Last Year's Bag.

These bags are made from recycled bottles and absolutely awesome. We are big recyclers here at Them Sticks (see our recycling stack below). It's neat to think that maybe a bottle you recycled is coming back to you in some form (though OK it may be a little far fetched as these babies are made in China.) It still makes me feel good inside to recycle.

Our recycling bins.

My favorite reusable bag of all though is the bag below (pictured below in Orange.) I bought a set of these while in France on vacation because I was tired of paying for bags. They are nothing fancy and I bought them for a whopping Euro which at the time was less than a dollar. I wish I could find bags of this design in the States. This bag leaves the average reusable bag in the States in the dust because it's capable of carrying an entire week's worth of groceries without breaking or showing wear (provided of course that you yourself can carry it) . I have even tested these with 8 2-liters of diet soda (kind of embarrassing to admit, but it's my husband, I swear.) What I love about these is that I'm not guessing how many bags I need to bring in a store. Two of these and I'm most certainly covered even on big trip days.

To take the quiz and get your Earthbound Farms bag, go to: If you become a FB friend you will be in the know when the next giveaway is. They have them just about every day.

PHOTO by: Earthbound Farm

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