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Monday Garden Club (a day late... AGAIN)

So, last week I was a little obsessive about what we were going to plant and when. All the planting times were jumping around in my head and I couldn't stand it. I had to get it on paper, so I did. Personally, I'd rather have put it in Microsoft Project but I don't have that software on my home computer so this will have to do. When my husband looked at it, he said, "Congratulations on making your hobby a job." Ha. I guess this is what happens when your career energy goes untapped for a while raising a family.
This little chart will help keep me focused and on track. As you can see, there is a lot to keep in mind. I'm happy to report we got a lot accomplished last week.

We planted the following:
Asparagus (40 plants)
Onions (25+)
Potatoes (at least 10, adirondack blue and fingerlings)
Strawberries (50)
Raspberries (2)
Blueberries (2)
Broccoli (16+)
Rhubarb (3)
Garlic (20+)
Shallots (20+)
Apple (1)

I also planted from seed:
More Me…

Monday Garden Club (a day late)

I haven't felt like doing a lot of posting lately. Winter was especially wicked this year and I just haven't been up it. That is not to say that we haven't been hard at work. We've been busy training for our Half Marathon that we completed last week (adding a full five minutes onto last year's time, lol... but a lack of training thanks to bad weather will do that).

We've also been hard at work on the garden. We tested our soil in February and found it needed everything so we had a lot of work to do there. We planted seeds in starter trays the last week of February. According to my Aunt Joyce you best do it in January to get an especially good harvest, so we are behind but such is life. We planted two 72 cell trays and we have another small window tray (16 cells) containing eggplant and peppers.

Also, we put up some small wood borders around our garden and imported 6 cubic yards of compost to the existing soil. We doubled the size of last year's gar…