Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Eats - BBQ

We've been in the area of VA for almost 3 years now (hard to believe) but it hasn't quite felt like home.  You see, we are BBQ connoisseurs and despite all our efforts and many tries at restaurants all over our area from Scottsville to Madison, we hadn't found our BBQ home yet.  It's not that there aren't plenty of restaurants selling BBQ in our area.  It just that unfortunately most of them just aren't quite good enough to call your mama about.  We had almost lost hope and thought we'd might never find amazingly good BBQ in our area...   until we found the BBQ Exchange of Gordonsville, VA.

At the BBQ exchange, patrons line up at a counter, cafeteria style to get their BBQ fix whether that be brisket, pork, chicken or even tofu .  Of course I've never tried the tofu because who are we kidding?  The meat is what we come for.   Both our faves, pulled pork and brisket are out of this world.  They do not dissapoint.  They are perfectly smoked with hickory flavor throughout, tender without being fatty, and all alround terrific.

The smokers doing their magic.

The sides are phenomenal as well. While I wouldn't get the sides everyday for fear of suffering a massive heart attack, they are mighty tasty making them very hard to pass up.   If buttery pound cake and corn bread had a love child, the corn bread they serve would be it.  I've never had anything like it.  The baked beans are a BBQ lovers best friend.  They even make their own homemade pickles which they will happily fry for you to order. Unfortunately, they do serve them up spear style while I prefer my fried pickles served more chip style.... but they are worth a try nonetheless!  Good thing I hadn't heard of this joint while pregnant!

Once you select your eats, you can choose your seat amongst several family style picnic tables covered with butcher paper where five different sauces await you from spicy to tangy to sweet and bacony...   along with a roll of paper towels in case things get messy.


I could definitely get used to this place.  I'm kinda glad this place is 30 minutes away...  keeps me outta trouble.



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