Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Goals

On the heals of the race, we are now shifting focus on running faster. Today we increased the intensity of our long run and lowered our mileage down to 10 miles. We will mostly likely only run 9-10 miles on long run days focusing on intensity instead of increasing mileage through the summer.

Today, we ran the 10 miles at 1:48:10. That translates to the same speed we did the half marathon in (10:48 minute miles). Though the time is the same, it does not compare at all in intensity thanks to the hills and kids. When we ran the half, it was an enjoyable fun pace. I think the hills add at least a minute a mile onto our time, not to mention it just isn't quite as fun or "easy" feeling. Hell is a better term but I'm getting used to them.

Before the race we were doing the hilly terrain at 12 minutes a mile, so the 10:48 minute miles we did today shows that already we are making progress and that we are stepping it up. My hope is to do 10 miles on flat terrain at 9:30 or less minutes a mile OR 10:00 minutes a mile on our crazy hilly terrain by the end of summer. That's shaving just 45 seconds a mile. I'd love to go even lower, but I'm no masochist. I think doing more tempo runs will allow me the opportunity of getting into that runner's high zone.

We are registering for next year's shamrock run already. It's walker friendly, so I highly recommend everyone register now if you think you'd be up for it!! They have a coupon for $10 off the application fee if you register by March 31st for next year. BEACH is the code and it expires March 31. We are so in!! We are welcoming family and friends to try this one out!!

Also, I will be on the sidelines next weekend when Nick runs the Charlottesville 10 miler on Saturday. He's going to be running in a team with folks from work, including the head of his entire building. I'm excited for this because finally Nick won't have me to slow him down. He's going to be hurtin'. Then, despite his soreness, I plan to make him run with me again on Sunday and I will get a chance to push him to move instead of the other way around. Payback, baby, payback!!!

He's smiling now, let's see about next week!



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