Thursday, April 9, 2009

G-Ma's Visit and Deals of the Week

G-Ma's Visit

Last weekend G-Ma got to spend some quality time with us. We are so incredibly thankful for her assistance last weekend. Below is a pic of G-Ma drawing with Ladybug.

Thanks to G-Ma not only did we have plenty of down time, we were also able to get a lot accomplished in the garden, run our race, etc. We are indebted.

Here we are enjoying turkey burgers on the back porch. It was an awesome weekend weather wise. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Deals of the Week

My pantry is now loaded FULL of Kellogg's Cereal. I foolishly paid 1.18 last week for four boxes of cereal thinking it was an awesome deal. Wouldn't you know, Food Lion would roll out a WAY more awesome deal this week. Try .60 a piece! Yesterday I picked up a ton of Special K Chocolaty Delight, Pecan, Almonds and Yogurt, etc. Nick will pick up even more on his way home. We will likely purchase several months worth this week. (On average the expiry's are a year from the date of purchase.)

Also, I picked up a FREE ham yesterday. Now I know there are lots of free ham offers out there but you have to be store loyal to get those and you usually pay for it in crazy store prices. It's not worth it. Well, thankfully, I've been saving my receipts. I learned on Sunday that Unilever was offering a free ham if you buy a certain amount of their products. I was able to get a free ham for stuff we already bought the week before! Well, I did have to "buy" two things. I bought two things of Lipton tea with "FREE" coupons the company sent me when I had an issue with the tea bags dumping the tea out due to a faulty stapling job. So I did "buy" them, but I didn't spend any money. It took me about a minute to count and circle everything and stamp and address an envelope. Sweet deal! I got a nice spiral sliced 12 lb. ham for nothing. Awesome.

Too bad we won't be able to have a big Easter meal this year. Nick won't be around so we'll save it for another large family occasion down the road. With all these deals I'm running out of room in my freezer.


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