Saturday, October 24, 2009

Have we reached redneck status yet?

Today we accomplished a significant amount of yard work in order to make way for our new realigned driveway. I've had the project priced out by several excavators and found a decent price with one recommended by a neighbor. The excavators were supposed to come two weeks ago but they were delayed with the rain. It ended up being a good thing as we weren't quite finished with the work required on our end. They should be here this week so we really had to get moving this weekend.

Nick finished off burning a large brush pile left by the previous owner this morning. The previous owner had placed a large pile smack dab in the middle of the forest, i.e. right where we are putting the proposed driveway. We will have to replace it with one somewhere else on the property because they are good for wildlife habitat.

Admittedly, the pile above looks lame as it had already burned down to embers when I took the picture.

After Nick finished that, he worked on cutting down a big ole dead pine tree that could pose a problem to our proposed driveway later. He cut it down with his birthday present (a 16" Chain Saw) and it still didn't budge. So then he beat at it with a sledge hammer (we didn't have an axe.) As you'll note in the video, it simply plopped down but didn't fall. Note: If you play the video below, I may have a bit of a potty mouth (the S word) with this one so don't play this when the kids are around. My apologies! No kids were around during the first several phases of work.

Nick had to tug it with a tow rope to get the thing down. It finally fell. Below is a video of the tow job.

Nick cut down some lesser dead trees as well. The video below has some good chainsaw action.

Tomorrow, I need to get out there and mark the limits of work with stakes and survey tape so there is little room for miscommunication between myself and the excavators. My hope is to minimize impact to the existing trees as much as possible.

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Blogger Aliceson said...

Welcome to the 4 wheel gardening club! Before we had a tractor or ATV, Jesse would (and sometimes still does) use the truck to assist him with big projects. Looks like you guys worked hard this weekend.

Hopefully your excavation crew won't make too big of a mess. The mess always seems to be the worst part of a big project like this.

October 24, 2009 at 9:05 PM  

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