Friday, November 6, 2009

More Progress Pics

The excavator showed up today. I suppose some progress is still progress but he was only able to spend an hour on the project. In that hour he already broke the boundaries I had set for him (i.e. the bright orange survey marking tape I laid out marking the limit of construction) which I wasn't terribly pleased about. It reminds me of the days I was working with the county yelling at construction crews for putting equipment on top of tree roots. Oh, the horror!

I can't tell you how much I had emphasized (over and over with this guy) how important it was to work within the area I demarcated so that tree roots weren't damaged, so I was really annoyed and disappointed. While minor (not a huge impact area), I'm going to have to watch this guy closely to make sure he really doesn't do something terrible. Unfortunately, I'm not completely focused. When you've got two little ones to watch at the same time, I just can't hop up and leave to consult the excavator. This is essentially design-build project (i.e. no drawings), so communication is key. He promised to be back on Monday to finish the job in its entirety. I'll keep you guys updated and I'm determined to get this done the way I envision it!

Our cabinet maker finished the entertainment unit and the library/office today. We can't move in the TV though until the finishing touches of paint have dried. Now it's our job to paint the office (I'm thinking a light grass green would work well), and organize all our junk into bins and stow it in the cabinets. We also need to drudge all the books we currently have stored in our garage and get them out on the shelves.

I would say we'd get it done this weekend but I have big plans. I'm planning to spend some time with my niece. I don't get to spend a lot of time with her so this is extra special. Instead of painting and organizing, I'll be shopping and lunching. I guess the work will have to wait!

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