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Purple Cauliflower Harvest!!!

The vegetables overfloweth!  Tonight we ate our 1st purple cauliflower.  Sadly, there are only 4 more in the garden.  I'm almost tempted to spring for purple cauliflower seeds (Graffitti) online and have them shipped. 

Picked This Morning!
We ate a couple florets raw and they were fabulous but we ended up lightly steaming a broccoli-cauliflower medley for dinner.

I served it with some homemade thin crust, light on the cheese, turkey pepperoni pizza.  Delish!


Aliceson said…
Fantastic! I might even try that variety of cauliflower next year, those purple heads are spectacular! It will be at least another month for us to harvest but I can't wait. That should be enough time to use up some pork that is filling our freezers currently! I sure wish we lived closer. We could split our meat in half and raid eachothers gardens. Perhaps in another lifetime...

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