Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Oven is Functioning Again

Per our last post, we've been coping with the loss of oven function.  It's been rough but we've been surviving by doing a hell of a lot of grilling....  OK, so maybe it hasn't been so rough.  Nick has been doing all the cooking the last day or so and I've been enjoying a nice break. 

Nick must have gotten tired of it quickly though because as of today we no longer have an oven issue.  I had noticed about a month ago that there were some weird plastic burning odors coming from the oven.  I told Nick about it, but he didn't seemed phased.  Well, come to find out, some wires had melted and fused together resulting in loss of power to the stove.  Go figure.  See below.

Melted off Terminal Block (or in wife terms: Wire Holder)

 Melted Power Supply Wire.

pic removed
Nick finishing the fix-up job.  
(Please ignore the dirty state of the oven!)

Moral to this story:  When you smell plastic burning smells coming from your stove and you don't really know where it's coming from, do something about it.  Seems logical, doesn't it?


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