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Monday Garden Club (a day early)

We have been getting a lot of intermittent rain showers recently so it has been a bit of a lazy week as it's been too soggy to do much gardening.  It's been great for the broccoli so we harvested our first couple plants this week and it was delicious.  We have plenty more too.  We are thrilled!

The peas have been going crazy and started to crowd out the parsnips so we had to do something.  Nick is a pea expert and had explained to me prior to planting that we didn't need to use a trellis for them because they would just fall over in the wind. He knows this because he used to drive a pea combine.  While they probably would have been fine, we didn't give them enough room for that so Nick threw up some stakes and some kite string to make me an impromptu trellis for the peas.  It's better but we should have done that a while ago.

The potatoes were starting to wipe out the onions so I had Nick stake 'em so they'd go more up than out.  I don't know if this will help, but whatever.  I planted them too close.  I just can't help myself!

These little nasty black bugs are eating the crap out of my potato and eggplant plants.  I put some organic insecticide on them to absolutely no avail.  :(

Nothing is bothering the tomatoes yet and another tomato plant is bearing fruit.  :)

Our pumpkin plant is getting huge already and has a little itty bitty pumpkin thingy growing. 

The rainy weather has been great for the rhubarb.  Pardon the weeds.  The rain has helped the weeds too and I haven't had much of an opportunity to remove them.

That's all for this week at Out in Them Sticks.  Check out Feet off the Table's Monday Garden Club for more garden blogging from around the blogosphere.


Aliceson said…
Peas kind of do what they want. Last year we used a wooden fence like structure but even after trying to train them up it, they flopped on the ground anyway. You hardly think that everything will get to be so crowded when you plant those tiny seeds. Amazing how fast it all grows!

Lookin' good, and how exciting to have eaten your first broccoli of the year!

I'm grabbing your link, my post should be up very soon!
sheila said…
WOW! Everyone's garden is growing so beautifully. Cept mine. What do you put on your plants to keep off the bugs? I have a eco-friendly/organic thing to spray on, but haven't used it. Mostly cuz my stuff is dead. lol.

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