Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend in Review

Well, it's been another fabulous summer weekend here.  I had noticed that our own blueberry bushes were starting to turn ripe so I called the local patch and it turned out they were already past peak season!  So, we headed out Saturday morning at the crack of dawn to pick some of the last ripe blueberries and some raspberries at the nearby patch.

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This was the first year GreenEyes was able to participate in the picking.  He did a pretty good job!

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After that (it was only 9 in the morning) we took a leisurely country drive out to a separate orchard nearby for the first summer peaches.  After peach picking and lunch on the town, we got home and I made delicious peach jam while the kids took a nap (I may have taken a brief siesta too).  The jam is out of this world!  I made my favorite fluffy biscuits just to have an excuse to eat some this morning!

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Saturday night Nick had a brush pile to burn (leftover from work on the driveway) so we decided to do some smores that night.

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GreenEyes could never wait long enough for the marshmallows to cook before cramming them in his mouth.

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We opted not to do our long run this weekend.  We had an early morning on Saturday and needed a day of rest.  After a restful morning but ended up having a very active afternoon in the garden... more on that when I post for Monday Garden Club!


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