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Meatless Dinners: Portabello "Steaks"

Wow, the meals are getting better!

Today's experiment ended up quite delicious.  I made juicy, meaty portabello steaks with potatoes (seasoned with a no salt seasoning) and some garlicky greenbeans (again no salt).  The result was YUM!  Thanks again to Happy Herbivore for the portabello steak recipe!  There were a few things I changed to the recipe.  I used reduced sodium tamari sauce in lieu of soy sauce and I didn't use any sherry/mirin nor any additional salt to sprinkle at the end.  The meal was tasty enough without!

I will be adding these to the rotation for sure.  The entire "steak" is a whopping 55 calories.  I was thinking, being the frugal person I am, I should include in each blog post a cost analysis of each meal per serving.  I'll go back and edit the old posts too.

4 portabello steaks - $6
some regular potatoes - $1
1 small onion - $.50
3 garlic cloves - $.25
green beans (premium frozen packaged) - $2.20
=about $10 for the meal or $2.50 per serving (not including incidentals)

Portabello Mushroom "Steaks" with roasted potatoes and green beans.

Today I'm at 1,700 mg of salt for the entire day.  That is AWESOME in my book!  What's better is that even if I wasn't on a plant based, low sodium diet, I'd make this meal!  This get's the Nick stamp of approval.


Mrsblocko said…
This looks like an awesome if I could only get my daughter to eat mushrooms. :(

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