Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Seemingly GIANT To-Do List

for our house that was move in ready...
-fix the door jam and install catch/latch mechanism on the french doors near the sun room.
-put a door onto the master bath (why people don't put doors on their master baths, I don't understand.) There is a door on one side but not on the other.

-paint the master bedroom
-fix the printer so it prints remotely (heck if I know how to do that.)
-build in a magnetic chalkboard *new*
-build in a built-in entertainment unit (may need to get a carpenter for this though we have the tools.) As a side note, we bought the TV in Albuquerque. Wouldn't you know it, the TV fits just perfectly with about an inch to spare. I will generate an AutoCAD drawing for this at some point.

-caulk the exterior door and window jams
-caulk a few places inside the house where the house has settled a bit (relatively new construction)
-organize the garage (nick can't find his tools in its current state)
-seal the back porch (wood)
-paint the office
-put up an antenna in the attic
-put in a dryer vent
-put in a terraced vegetable garden (this may or may not happen this year with so much to do)

Future Projects that we won't get to because they cost too much money:
-Fix the lack of curb appeal in the front (add a berm, install planting, etc.) Currently it is all barren. I guess this landscape architect will just have to be embarrassed for a few years as we continue to neglect it.
-Pave the driveway
-Install a patio
-Install office cabinets

This stuff isn't that crazy, but I feel just exhausted with watching my two kids two and under. All these tasks seem insane to me right now because they either involve sleep deprivation or not seeing my hubby for what seems like an eternity. When you watch the kids by yourself all day, the last thing you want to do is have your hubby leave you all weekend to get chores done. The 24-7 job is no joke. Add in trying not to eat junk food (no eating out either) and exercising too and it feels overwhelming.

Will we ever get to it all? At our pace, it might be a decade or two.

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