Monday, January 26, 2009

Home Office Improvement Frustration

Right now our office looks like a garage. I say that because all the office and craft supplies we have are sitting in large plastic storage boxes. It's quite an eye-sore. Fabric from my sewing/quilting habit, French Workbooks, Scrapbooking Supplies and bills to-file fill up the room.

We'd like to add some new cabinets to our home office to solve the problem: however, they are very expensive. I've looked into doing pre-fab cabinets from local building supply stores but the problem with them is that they don't make the bottom cabinets at a height appropriate for a desk. They only come in kitchen counter height sizes. They wouldn't work.

Yet, out and about, in all the professional offices I see plenty of what appear to be pre-fab cabinets at desk height. Does anyone know of good places to get pre-fab office cabinets? I've tried online and found nothing.
Plan View

If we go with the custom cabinets, they will cost $4,326 excluding tax and without adding on an additional $800-900 in installation cost. If you add a laminate counter top with a wood edge you must add an additional $675. Total price of the project is $5901 plus tax. At that price, we won't be doing that for a long while.


Sara said...

What program did you use for your plan?

Out in Them Sticks said...

I used Autocad 2007 for the plan. When I was nesting (i.e. very pregnant) I did a CAD plan of the entire house because I wanted to know where everything would go.

Aliceson said...

Our last house had a beautiful home office with desk height box cabinets, but no idea where they came from. Sorry. I know they're out there... somewhere.

E4H said...

try cubicle furniture from an used office supply store

13skulls said...

All the cabinets in my garage workshop came out of the E.R. where I work when we expanded and remodeled. Freebie. They were in superior shape. Maybe there is a major building renovation near ya'll where some may be dug up for very little.