Saturday, January 24, 2009

Neighborly Discourse

So today we had our first HOA meeting. Unfortunately, Nolan decided to get cranky during the middle of it so I was forced to leave early. That was a bummer for me but Nick stuck around and gave me the 411. I was there long enough to get the gist anyway.

Our neighbor across the road is hilarious. Rose (not her real name) is a little uptight. In the planning world, I'd refer to her as a NIMBY (not-in-my-back-yard) type. Apparently, she doesn't like the fact that some people decide to use our subdivision entrance as a turn around spot. Tom, a very friendly neighbor asked her, "Do you ever find yourself lost and need to turn around from time to time?" She exclaimed, "Well sure, but they are tearing up our grass!!" We examined the area she is referring to. It's about six inches off the shoulder.... maybe. The road we live off of is not heavily traveled but there aren't many places to get off the road. Our subdivision entrance is one of just a few. It occurs so often that I've never actually seen anyone turn around there. As far as I know, those tracks could be from me when I turn around after checking the mail. Regardless, if people need to use it from time to time, I think that's OK. Anyway, we ended up talking about ways to remedy this situation. She suggested putting a big rock. Ha.

Then Rose complained that the meadow at the entrance that is currently undeveloped needed to be mowed. To be honest, the area looks natural. We live in the middle of the woods in the country. It looks beautiful in its natural state. I kind of like it. Unfortunately we were in the minority. Our neighbors preferred manicured lawn to majestic meadow. Unfortunate, indeed.

Just as I was leaving, Rose asked me if I had dogs. Of course, I have dogs. I know she's seen them. Well, she let us know that our pugs bothered her husband Jerry and had followed him into the garage one day. Then she later tells my husband that they were nipping at her heels and they scared her. The pugs do bark but they don't nip. I don't even let them out very often. But I will try to keep them closer to the house. I really wouldn't want them bothering people.

I guess some people need to find things to complain about.

Peetie: Viscous Pug


Blogger Aliceson said...

Let me guess Rose is retired, and has nothing better to do than watch people turn around in the driveway and make up silly stories about ferocious pugs.

Too funny.

January 26, 2009 at 2:59 PM  
Blogger E4H said...

sounds like a great lady... just to let you know, if someone places a large rock in the Right of Way, or immdiately adjacent to the street, and it eventually causes injury or damage to a car, your HOA WILL be held accountable.

I recommend installing concrete curbing... if you talk to the town/city's department of public works, they might be able to add it on to their next capital improvement campaign. It will be legal and cheaper than if the HOA bids it out on their own. The HOA may be charged an assesment, but at $10-20/LF for about 100 feet of curbing, it should be a minor cost.

January 28, 2009 at 12:15 AM  

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