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Week 7: Recovery

**TMI** Warning on this post. Today we ran our recovery run. That means we lowed our mileage by two miles and took it easy in preparation for a jump in mileage next week. After that run we will taper down until the big day. The bulk of our training is complete already. I'm psyched because I thought this would be a lot harder to do during the middle of winter. Actually, it's a lot easier to get our base mileage down. Having done it under the scorching sun in Albuquerque and the oppressive humidity of Virginian summers, this has definitely been the easiest. I'm actually learning to love winter again, go figure. (The high is supposed to be 50 today, but we were running in the morning when the temps were only in the high 30's-low 40's.)

On the way today, Nick's toes began to bleed. Guess it isn't training until your toenails start to turn black and fall off. Nick lost two toenails last time, and I lost the same. No injuries so far for me this go round but I'm not doing as many mid-week runs either.

These days it takes us at least 30 minutes just to get ready. In addition to the shaffing stick preparation, we must get snack and meals for the kiddos (milk, bottle, crackers), make sure they are freshly diapered and appropriately layered (clothes in winter and suntan lotion in the summer), a snack for ourselves in the event one of us has a sugar crash, water, cellphones, and last but not least... pepper spray.

Right now we keep the kids wrapped in blankets. You'll notice that monkey blanket got ran over a few times in the jogger and has suffered some bruising.


AdellBeek said…
I never got the black nail, so I hope it doesn't hurt.

Do you guys find the tapering to help you recover? I never did any tapering until I trained for a marathon, and I don't know if it really helped me. I had better luck when I just tried to keep my mileage around 30 to 35 miles a week, and didn't taper.

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