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Tomato Pie Ideas

Funny thing in regards to Nick's post is that this was all Nick's idea. But this is what I call one of Nick's "Tomato Pie" ideas. These are ideas that are good, but not necessarily for him.

For those of you who have not heard this story, let me tell you what I mean by a Tomato Pie Idea.

When Nick and I were first dating, I told him I would make him dinner. "What do you want?," I asked. After no real response I told him I saw this cool recipe on Paula Deen for a tomato pie. He said, "That sounds good." Well, I go and make him dinner and what do you know, he hates tomatoes. You see, when he said that it sounded good, what he really meant was that it sounded good for people who like tomatoes. So, I guess the same goes here. At this point, I may consider dismantling.

Anyway, speaking of tomatoes and vegetables, we have selected the crops we are planting this year. Our goal is to plant stuff that is expensive for us to buy in the store but are absolutely delicious and goof for us.

We will be growing some lettuce, mainly m√Ęche and roquette. Thanks to Marie France Roy, she sent us these seeds straight from France. Spring can not come soon enough! YUMM! They are very expensive seeds when bought here for some reason.

We are going to give it a go with berries. We bought one Blueberry plant and bareroot strawberry plants.

Winter Squash - Bush Delicata Butternut Squash and Mesa Queen Acorn Squash

Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin (just a couple seeds because you only need so many giant pumpkins.)

Gold Rush Zucchini Summer Squash

Graffiti Cauliflower - We got the purple cauliflower variety to promote our "rainbow."

Hybrid Broccoli Blend - to keep the harvest season as long as possible. Broccoli isn't terribly expensive, but this will be an experiement. It's supposed to be easy to grow.

Cabernet Tomato - I love Grape Tomatoes

Old German Tomato - A hearty Heirloom Tomato

Traditional Green Beans

French Green Beans

and finally Fingerling Potatoes.


Aliceson said…
Last summer I tried the Old German Tomato without much luck. Maybe it was just the goofy weather here, but they seemed to split before ripening. And Blueberries are my absolute favorite berry but are a lot of work to grow. The bunnies love them and they need acidic soil (I use an acid additive by Miracle-gro), also having several varieties helps with cross pollination.

I've never tried growing broccoli, but I've heard that bugs can be a problem. May I suggest just for fun if you can find them in your area, ground cherries. They are a sweet tomato-like fruit, but look like a very small tomatillo with a paper-like covering. My kids love to go out to the garden and snack on them. Can't wait for gardening season to begin!
ali- THANKS for the tips. I need to join a member circle or something for vegetable gardening. I'm always open to ideas!!

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