Friday, April 10, 2009

Potty Training Time


I guess I'm a gluten for punishment. Lately Ladybug's been telling us she needs to go to the bathroom before she goes to the bathroom in her diaper. Clearly, it's time. So yesterday, I spent the whole day potty training Ladybug by myself.

Hubby loves this idea because:
a.) I'm doing it, and
b.) he won't be around next week so he really doesn't have to deal with.
(That said, Nick agreed to potty train Nolan when it's his turn.)

I would wait for another week to potty train Ladybug, but it is always something with our schedules. It's never a good time. This weekend is the first weekend we really don't have anything going in a long time. We aren't doing anything big for Easter because Nick will be out of town the following week on business. There is no point in a large celebratory meal if there will be no one to eat the meal all week long, etc. So I get to potty train all week by myself 24-7 for 5 days straight following the weekend.

So yesterday, I pumped Ladybug full of juice (I NEVER let her have juice unless she is sick because the stuff is empty calories) and stripped her down. I then sat with her at the potty for an hour. We sat there, waiting, hoping, waiting some more. Her tummy was distended. I urged her to drink more juice and she did. She got so upset she needed to go to the bathroom that she started to cry. She didn't want to go on the potty. She SCREAMED for a diaper.

Alas, she finally couldn't hold it anymore and while she cried she went pee pee. YAY! We followed the normal protocol following a bathroom trip and she was then promptly bribed with marshmallows and we did the potty dance. She went pee pee on the potty all by herself all day long after that except once. She did have the one accident. But, that's great by me and she's made great progress.

Today we be focusing on catching the harder to catch #2. Won't that be fun. I sure know how to spend a Friday!

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