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Monday Garden Club

I'm really busy on Monday mornings so these posts may have to come Sunday night.

We were elbow deep in dirt all the weekend getting in our landscaping. I wish I could say we are done, but we still have quite a bit of groundcover plants to get in the ground. I love the outdoors so anytime spent outside is a real joy but I have to admit, I spent more than just a few moments fantasizing about spending the weekend doing something a little more relaxing... maybe a nice wine festival or something? The constant, back breaking work is getting old and I'm missing my runs. I only got one run in last week!

Here is one of the completed portions for a little preview. As you can see, it's nothing amazing but a huge improvement. (Forgive us, we have a bit of clean up to do yet!)

Nick found this sleepy frog in one of our newly planted pine trees (see below).

The wild blackberries are blooming everywhere! They make me salivate!

The parsnips actually look like parsnips now. It took a good 4 weeks for these babies to even show themselves. I couldn't tell them apart from the weeds until this week.

Most of the potato plants are now over 12" tall so Nick mounded up the dirt around them to promote tuber development. I love the word tuber.

The strawberries are starting to bloom. I had to pluck all the blooms which totally bites, but this will promote prolific fruiting in following years. Next year baby!

Gardening is definitely a practice in patience. At least the strawberries only take 2 years for a harvest. It'll be 3 years before we can really harvest the asparagus. Below is a pic of the feathery asparagus plants for my friend Sara. Sara had asked that I post pics of them. They first start off as rigid spikes like what you see at the grocery store. After that they start to feather out and get fern-like. I planted 6 rows of asparagus and all but two rows took off. As a result I had planned to put a squash plant in place of the two rows that didn't produce. What do you know, two little boogers decided to show themselves today!!! Better late than never I guess!

Lastly, we've got some strange weeds growing in our shallot and onion beds.... tomato plants!! Our current shallot bed is where we had tomato plants last year. Pretty cool! I'm going to transplant some of them and see what happens.


Sara L said…
Thanks for the pictures! Your garden looks great! I am in awe of how much gardening and landscaping you have done this year - wow!
Aliceson said…
Lookin' good!

Tuber! Ha, I love it! I don't think we'll grow potatoes this year. We don't eat that many potatoes so I just buy them from the farmers market.

Yep, that's what my asparagus looked like the first year. Year 3 and they are still pretty small. Some things just take FOREVER!

Every year, I find tomato plants popping up where they grew the year before. Funny how that works, even after the hard frost of winter.
Thanks Sara, you'll have to post some pics of your new, raised beds. :) I really would love to do ours that way.. Maybe we'll do some reconfiguring in the future? Right now, we're overwhelmed and working with what we have.

Ali, you just have so much experience on me. Last year was my first year I ever had a garden so the tomato weeds were a neat surprise. We've got plenty of squash poppin' up too!
sheila said…
NICE! I especially liked the frog in the tree! How cool! He's huge!

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