Thursday, February 9, 2012

Plant Based Challenge

I've been tracking everything (every last morsel) of what I eat on Sparkpeole while I do this plant based challenge.  I thought the pie chart below (provided to me thanks to Sparkpeople) was very interesting.  They provide me with traditional recommendations I should try to aim for, calorie ranges, etc.  I used to pretty much naturally match Sparkpeople's recommendation regarding the percentages of carbs, proteins and fats.  Now, I don't.

I'm exceeding on my carbs and going under in fat and coming slightly under the minimum of protein requirements.  You'd expect being on so many carbs I'd be jittery and weird, but I'm not.  I am encouraged to eat as much as I want so I never have the jitters.  I have had issues with running but I'm convinced that the last few runs I was coming down with a nasty cold/laryngitis thing.  I'll be able to better assess how the lack of protein affects my running performance next week.  Unfortunately, now that my girl is in preschool she brings a bunch of germs home!

My fat intake ranged from 12-31 grams (27-60 is recommended).  The higher 31 one was a "cheat"/go out day.  The vast majority is between 12-20 grams of fat.
My carb ranged from 210-397 grams (135-252 is recommended).
My protein ranged from 36-60 grams (60-136 is recommended).

Probably the most interesting to me is the change in fiber intake.  I used to get a decent amount of fiber but I've never taken in as much as I do these days.  My fiber intake is between 46 and 60 grams!  Only 25-35 grams is recommended by Sparkpeople.  That is through the roof!  I believe I read that going over the recommendations of fiber would mean that I might not be able to absorb all the nutrients I take in.  But, I guess I'm taking in so many nutrients that it doesn't matter?

As for weight loss, I have lost about 5 pounds over two weeks.  I haven't even been working out this week being down with this flu bug so that is sort of crazy.  I don't lose weight like that, so that is weird.  I'm honestly cool with my curvy figure as-is at this point.  If it weren't for my BP, I'd leave it as-is.  My great grandma weighed many pounds over what I do now and was 4'11" (5 inches shorter) and lived to be 100.  But, I'm realizing now that she was lucky.  After my salt cheat day my BP went up to 160/100.  It's back down to normal now around 118/80.  I can't believe just how salt sensitive I am.  It's insane and scary and I'm hoping this new lifestyle might help fix that.  I make no promises to continue with this 100% after the challenge but for now, I'm happy, satisfied, and feeling good.



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