Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Friendly Country Advice is Always Welcome Here

We are just learning the ropes here in the country and we sure could use some friendly advice from time to time.

The task of changing the water filter had become a laborious task. It took Nick at least an hour every month to change the dang thing. Even with his great efforts, it would still manage to leak.

Thanks to the advice to some country folk, namely my Aunt Ann and Uncle Borum, Nick has figured out how to get our water filter not to leak. Apparently, you need to soak the gasket to make sure there is no sediment inside of it. A single grain of sand will cause trouble. Then you need to put Vaseline on the gasket before you screw it back in.

It worked beautifully and it took only 15 minutes. What a little friendly advice will do to improve the quality of our lives!

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