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Kroger Can Kiss My Grits

I went to Kroger today. I go every week, sometimes twice a week, and spend around 125-175 bucks. Today's trips was an out of the ordinary trip. I needed to stock up on some special deals and really do this coupon thing.

I did a few experimental coupon runs for several weeks in a row to make sure I really understood the lay of the whole coupon process at Kroger. I was informed that the Kroger policy was to double coupons up to .99 cents. Awesome. I used this doubling in conjunction with the coupons I find on Cellfire and Shortcuts and made some great deals. I did this successfully several times for several weeks. My coupons were doubled beautifully up to a dollar.

So, today, I figured, I know how to do this now, let's go and stock up on what I need. I piled my grocery cart full of great deals. Well, then, I roll into the cashier lane and I get what had to be the nastiest cashier on the face of the earth who hated her life and her job and felt the need to pull all those around her down. She had the raspy voice of someone who smoked a good 2 packs of cigarettes a day. She refused to double my .75 coupons. This hadn't been a problem before. OK, she's crazy, I ask her to bring the manager. I think they brought the cashier foremen. Well, she said they don't double to .99 cents as I was told originally. They only double to .50 cents. But sometimes they do double up to a dollar, but that is only occasionally during special events. So they change the amounts willy nilly.

I was fed up so I left the 100 bucks of groceries I had. I have never done that in my life. They clearly don't need my business.

The cashiers can double at their discretion. If you get a good cashier, they will happily double what they can. What does it matter to them?

Further, the coupon policy is set up locally and is based on the manager's discretion as to what the amount of doubling is. I guess in Charlottesville, we are not worthy of the doubling to .99 cents like in the big cities. Our choices are limited.

Well, the only control I have in this matter is where I spend my money and I won't be going to Kroger anymore. They can kiss my money goodbye. Thankfully, competition is coming. I'm going to Super Walmart come Spring. At least their deals are worth the horrible service.


E4H said…
We usually go to Fry's (our Kroger affiliate) as i am not sure where the local Albertson's or Safeway is, and Fresh and Easy is occasionally pricey. Fry's just rescinded their matching competitor coupon policy so i was left with a $125 bill and $30 of coupons in my hand.

guess i didn't need those pizza rolls after all
Aliceson said…
That's disappointing, I hate crabby cashiers. Like we (moms)want to spend all afternoon looking for the deal that brought us to the store to begin with, only to be screwed over. Too bad Kroger! I bet they liked your $125-$175 weekly grocery trips.

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