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Family Values

Though my husband and I see eye to eye on most everything, we don't always agree. For instance, we don't have the same belief system. He is a "militant agnostic" while I am Christian. Sure, I know that the bible states I should not have allowed myself to be "yoked" with a non-believer but my husband embodies many of the Christian values that others wave around like a badge but don't actually live by. He makes me a better person and a better Christian. While like me he is not a saint, he almost always sees the best in people and gives them the benefit of the doubt. He is loyal, hard working, responsible (fiscally and emotionally), giving to others, and loving. He just doesn't believe that you need to have faith to be a "good" person or strive to do good deeds. Considering how much evil and bigotry there is out there that is done in name of Christ (or Allah or God, etc.), I have to say that I agree with him. Though we may differ on the details, we view the big picture the same.


E4H said…
NRB truly is a decent human being.

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