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The Best Laid Plans

We are supposed to run 12 to 13 miles this weekend. On Friday we decided Sunday would be the best day. After all, Ladybug had gotten sick Thursday night and we wanted her to have more of a chance to feel better. It's not a good idea to take a sick kid on a 2 hour journey through the country in 40 degree weather. She was feeling much better today and things were looking up (although she doesn't quite have her old appetite back yet). Further, the forecast for today was pouring rain all day. It's not the best running weather. So, Sunday was looking great with a high around 50, albeit cloudy. With the kiddo being better, we are set, right?

Not so much. Little Green Eyes is now down for the count. Poor thing is miserable with a fever and he puked his guts out all over Nick tonight.

So, we need a new plan on the most crucial run of our entire training program. It's simply not going to happen this week. I don't want to run 13 miles in the country by myself and taking the kids isn't an option. Neither is a babysitter. Tomorrow, we'll get a workout on the elliptical for 1.5 to 2.0 hours. Then, next week, we'll do 12 or 13 (depending on how strong we feel). That will leave us with a one week taper. With just one week, we can't even call it a taper. Let's call it a recovery week.

John Boy had asked whether or not tapering has worked for us in the past. Yes, without a doubt, I think it totally helped us in our first marathon. The first 21 miles were much stronger after doing the taper. I'm a total believer in it. It's really nerve racking to do the taper because you have to trust that doing less will make you stronger. While skeptical, we followed the program, and were thankful for it in the end. So, I'm very disappointed that this time around we won't be able to afford ourselves that. But, this is just for fun, it's just a half, and as far as I'm concerned we've already met our goals. For me this was about getting out there and running during the winter and getting a good base down before the hot weather swooped in. Done.


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