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Faulty Hot Pockets

Nick and I never like to call companies and complain. When Nick opened his 525,998th hotpocket on July 8, 2008 and he found there was no filling inside of it we never thought hey, maybe we should contact the company and let 'em know. Rather, he took a picture of it and eyed it with utter amazement. See below. I found the pictures amongst Green Eye's newborn photos. Wow, huh?

So the other day, thanks to Hot Coupon World (HCW), I discovered this is a major faux pas and I'm just throwing money out the window letting these sorts of things slide. I spent roughly and hour writing companies either complaining (as in the Hot Pocket incident) or cheering (mostly cheering) about their products in the hopes of receiving coupons. I asked them to to be on their special promotions mailing list, etc. As a result, I received a gazillion coupons in the mail this week.

You can find a list of companies to write for coupons at HCW here. There are at least 100 on that list and I've only done the companies I buy from frequently. Some responses have been disappointing, but for the most part they have been great. For instance, I did complain about an issue I had with some Huggies Diapers (a simple sizing complaint). I now have a free Huggies coupon worth 10 bucks and several other regular coupons. What's even better? There are either no expirations on the coupons or if there are expirations, they don't expire for a year or two. I'm still waiting on a reply from HotPocket's but I have a feeling it's going to be positive one too.

For cheering, I have free Zatarains, turkey burger coupons, johnsonville brat coupons, free deli meat, and a whole bunch more. According to HCW, I'm supposed to write these companies every three months to keep on their lists. With these kind of results, you betcha!


Aliceson said…
When my kids were in diapers we had an entire bag of pull-ups that were bad. The inside part wasn't sealed properly so the when it would get wet (like overnight) the contents (little gross absorbent balls) would ooze all over everything. I complained and they sent me a crapload of coupons too.

The sqeaky wheel get the grease!
E4H said…
do you have beef n'cheddar? i can't find beef n'chedar hot pockets anymore.
melodyofamom said…
That's hilarious! Empty hot pockets...I bet he was surprised. Good idea on writing the companies!

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