Friday, February 6, 2009

Caring Enough NOT to Send the Very Best

I mentioned this to a friend on the phone today. Perhaps you find this equally disturbing?

I have a problem with the new Hallmark Valentine's Ad. Have you seen it? The ad consists of 3 little girls, age 9 or 10 or so. They open their lunch for the day, on Valentine's Day. One girl gets hearts on her apple from her mom. Another girl gets a sandwich cut in the shape of a heart from her mom. Then the third girl gets a Hannah Montana card with music in it. Oh, wow!!! Your mom really cares.

What message does this send? Like most commercials, it places an emphasis on money and material over true love and care. Personally, I find the time and care the other moms went to making those special sandwiches and snacks more touching, but I'm not an impressionable youngster who believes what he/she sees on TV. The card is meant to make parents like me want to go an purchase this card to show I care more then the other moms but it sends and equally upsetting message to youngsters.

Oh, how I would have loved to have my lunch box packed when I was younger! My parents thought it was cheaper to have me on the school lunch system. As a result, I ate pizza just about every single day because it was the only thing I liked on the menu. I wasn't a picky eater, it was that most of the items on the line looked down right awful. I know the school lunch system was easier for my two working parents who really needed to cut corners wherever they could. I don't blame them but I do remember begging for a packed lunch. It may have done my obese figure some good. (I take full responsibility for pigging out after school when I was home alone drowning my sorrows from school in ice cream and corn dogs. Perhaps, I'll discuss that another day.)

Kids are so impressionable at that young age and I'm deeply disturbed by the commercial. This message is portrayed everywhere, but something about this one disturbed me more than usual. I'm going to definitely have to restrict my children to watching PBS. The ads out there are insane. The nerve. I don't think I'll be buying a Hallmark card anytime soon. I care enough NOT to send the very best.

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Blogger Aliceson said...

Oh I know. Now that my grils are in school they are exposed to all of the material things that we have been sheltering them from. On snack days my kids want to bring store bought snacks (mostly the unhealthy ones) and want to have what all of the other children have like video games, Bratz dolls, Hannah Montana garbage (even though they don't know who she is)

I haven't seen this particular commercial, but can relate with all of the other things that my girls want just because their friends at school have them. A few more years until your kids will be put under this kind of pressure but trust me, nothing's changed since we were in school.

February 6, 2009 at 10:18 PM  
Blogger E4H said...

You were just searching for the love your mother neglected to show by way of the Tiffany singing cards after school... We were poor also, and after talking with my pawpa, it was decided that bagged lunch was more expensive. when you eat a half a box of rice-a-roni for supper, you tend to agree with the big guy.

I love mexican pizza, school jello, little cartons of choco milk, the turkey slab with gravy, hot dogs and hamburgers. compared to my mom's cooking in high school and most of the food in the military, i loved school lunch.

The thing, though, with that particular commercial, is that is costars the little fatty from Medium (with the arquette lady). that is not her fault - she is what, 9?

February 7, 2009 at 1:24 AM  

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