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More Home Improvement Pics

Below is a pic of our bedroom during the beginning stages of painting. At an ungodly hour in the morning, we went to bed on an inflatable bed in our sun room to avoid the fumes and so as not to disturb Green Eyes in his room. It was bad planning on our part, but we ended up enjoying it more. It was kind of like we were kids again and we gazed at the stars for a bit. We just love it out here.

The next day (clean up) was less fun. I will post a picture of the paint color in the bedroom later. We still have some things to hang and some furniture to move around.

I also completed a mini side project: a magnetic chalk board. Nick hates it when I add on to what seems to be an already impossible amount of work but I couldn't help myself. I mean, we were painting anyway right? One little 28"x52" area can't add that much work.

Five coats later, (3 coats of magnetic paint every 30 minutes followed by two layers of chalk board paint every 4-8 hours and another 24 hours to cure) I have to agree with Nick. OK, so it was a pain in the butt and maybe it should have been tackled at a later date, but it was worth it. After all the painting, we attached the frame. Nick and I finished it by caulking it tonight. Below is the finished project. It sits in our breakfast nook next to our kitchen.

For now, I'm using it to menu plan for the week. I put an Awesome Sedan Crater Magnet on the "board" to showcase its amazing Magnetic qualities. It's on the lower left corner if you look closely.

I'm sure the kids will have their own ideas as to what to fill the space with in the future. When you have stainless appliances you lose the whole refrigerator gallery deal so it will be good to have this space. All in all, I think it turned out fairly well.


E4H said…
beautiful chalk board
Aliceson said…
The chalkboard looks great! We couldn't live without our magnetic refrigerator. Our last house had wood panels (that matched the cabinets) on our fridge, that we promptly removed because our fridge farm needed a home.
srbaynes said…
I had no idea there was such a thing as chalkboard paint ... or magnetic paint ... or whiteboard paint. I though paint just came in white?

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