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Almost There...

I survived another week as the sole responsible figure in my household. Nick gets home from his business trip late tonight. he was supposed to come home late Saturday, but thank goodness he he was able to arrange something earlier. I haven't seen him since Monday and I can't wait. I have no idea how single mothers and military moms do this!! It's only been a week and I'm absolutely exhausted.

In order to compensate, I lower my expectations. How, might you ask? Under the conditions, I admit I slack a little. It's OK if Ladybug watches an extra program on TV. It's OK if the kids eat PB&J's and frozen veggie meals all day (i.e. anything that only involves a microwave heat up, if that.) It's OK, if it's been awhile since they've bathed and Ladybug's hair hasn't been combed, LOL. Yes, this is how I cope with being the sole responsible figure in the house. If I didn't let something slide, I'd get overwhelmed really quickly. There is little to no "me" time during days like these and if getting a little extra time carved out to work out or give myself a break means that I have to cut corners, well, that's what must be done.

Today was unbelievably gorgeous, so i went for a quick run in the morning (with my running buddy) and we had a nice little play date after. I have to say, I had the best day! This day had the potential of becoming very long. It is, after all, the last day after a string of long days alone. But, alas, it was quite fun.

On a side note, we've joined the twitter nation. With all the media coverage, I figured what the heck. Of course, within two seconds of setting up an account I have followers who are obviously nothing more then walking ad campaigns. Yuck. I'm not impressed so far. I guess we'll see.



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