Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We did get dressed up but of course the battery died on the camera, so we don't have any good shots of that. My apologies. There will be no cutie Easter photos today. Bummer, I know.

This year we had a very low key Easter. We couldn't find Ladybug's Easter basket (a basket I've had since being a kid) so we had nothing to leave out for the Easter bunny to fill. I did find a basket we currently use to wash the bottle parts in the dishwasher. It actually worked out really well. I'm sure the Easter Bunny had a good time filling it with goodies.

The Easter Bunny brought Ladybug some sidewalk chalk, a cool pair of sun glasses, a chocolate bunny, and Cadbury eggs for dad and Redvines for mom. The Easter Bunny says GreenEyes' Rody toy was delayed and will be coming sometime next week.



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