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I'm not much of a "girly" girl

As as kid, I preferred my brother's toys to my sisters. While I wasn't into Ninja Turtles or anything, I was into Lego's, football, bikes, and dirt. About the only girly thing I enjoyed was light bright and crafts. I only did the My Little Pony thing because my best friend in 5th grade was into them, so I tried to be girly... but I never eally enjoyed barbies or ponies. Just because it's not my thing, I have not deprived Ladybug of her feminine side. She has a couple dolls and I do plan to have Nick make her a doll house in the near future.

So the other day I got this awesome garage from Freecycle for GreenEyes and a bunch of little people and trucks for cheapy cheap on Ebay. In her mother's footsteps, Ladybug won't quit playing with her brother's toys. I suppose these toys were meant to be shared.

I hope you guys are all outside enjoying this AMAZING weather!! :)


jenn said…
Well, since I don't have any girls- then my friends girls become my spoiled girls. LOL... W/ 3 girls in my house- I wasn't the most girly out of us 3, but now I think I'm more girly than I have ever been. So ladybug is on the list- oh she will have dolls, oh yes, there will be dolls and pink!! Just wait till June or when I see you next. (now there's incentive!) LOL

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