Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hiking the AT, Strawberries, and More

It's been a packed weekend here at Out in Them Sticks.  The garden chores would have to wait until the work week because we had big plans!

Saturday we went for a wonderful hike on a portion of the Appalachian Trail (AT).

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 Nick and Ladybug on the AT

It was just one of those days that would be a sin if you weren't outside.  We hiked up to a small overlook and had a small picnic lunch there.  Usually, we'd have lunched on the big rock outcropping with the amazing view but that would be just a little too insane with the little ones.

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 Nick and Ladybug at the Summit

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GreenEyes and Mom at the Summit

Instead, we opted to lunch at a spot just off the trail (see below).  The total hike was only 3.7 miles round trip but it felt like a moderate hike with the 40+ lbs. strapped to our backs.

We got home completely beat.  While Nick was making his bimonthly biweekly trip to the dump, I couldn't help but indulge myself in an hour long siesta.  Despite the nap, I still slept well that night!

On Sunday, we took the kiddos strawberry picking for some not-so-energy-consuming fun.

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We came home with about 6 lbs. of strawberries so I guess we will be having strawberries for dessert, breakfast, lunch and dessert again for the next few days.

Lastly, Nick complained mentioned that he was in a desperate need of hair cut so when we got home I ripped out the cutting shears and got hacking away at the boys. As you can see, cutting GreenEyes hair is as easy as pie.  He doesn't squirm one bit. 

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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  See you tomorrow for Feet off the Table's Monday Garden Update!


Blogger Aliceson said...

"Hiking the Appalachian trail" and it's not the punchline to a joke, very nice! Looks like a wonderful hike (yet heavy!) on a wonderful day!

Those strawberries look delicious! I can't wait for ours to be ready in about a month or so! Strawberry jam, pies, with rhubarb... Yumm!

I'm planning on posting garden progress tomorrow too although I'm still waiting to plant. One of these days... Can't wait to see yours!

May 16, 2010 at 9:01 PM  

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