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Monday Garden Update

As you may have seen in yesterday's post, we are done with the landscaping around our house and we couldn't be more thrilled. It was the most amazing mother's day present to have it DONE!!! On Mother's Day we actually found the down time to do a long run (9 miles) as well as do some tiding up.

As for a Garden Update, we have a lot to report. First, we have broccoli people! No, not enough to harvest yet, but we are very close to it!!! Check it out below!!!! Third time is indeed the charm!!! I will try for a fourth time this fall by seed starting indoors in June.

Oh broccoli, you can be a pain in the ass, but you will be worth the extra effort I have gone through in the last month when we have you for dinner and you nourish my family with your folate and Vitamin C. :)

I'm a little scared about carrots after reading on some other garden blogs about how hard they are to grow. I know they are cheap in the grocery store, but I couldn't help myself and give them a go in the garden. They are one of Ladybug's favorite. We go through about 2-3 lbs. a week of the stuff. They are my go-to vegetable when Ladybug needs a snack. I bought a special variety called "Royal Chantenay" for less than ideal soils which I figured would be fool proof. As you can see below, I need to thin them out ASAP... parsnips too. For that matter, I need to plant more green beans, parsnips and carrots too. It never ends (but secretly, I LOVE THAT!)

The Carrots.

The peas are blooming! They bloomed the day after last Monday's update. That means we should have some peas in about 3 weeks, maybe?

I have officially given up on my eggplant and pepper plants. They are so spindly. I couldn't take putting them in and out of the house to the greenhouse anymore because I didn't have much hope for them anyway so I just planted them in the garden and said the hell with 'em. Now, they really look like crap. (The photos are too painful and sad to post.)

We will have to get a better seed starting set-up next year for sure. I threw a row cover on 'em because they love the heat and its been on the colder side. I expect that I will be purchasing a plant or two from the local co-op to replace them in a few weeks. I consider this a live and learn. At least it wasn't all for naught with the broccolis and cauliflowers!

I think that's all for this week. I'll leave you with a few overall pics of the garden's progress.

Upper Tier

Overall View


Aliceson said…
Looking great! Seeing your garden progress, I feel so behind not having anything in the garden yet, although it's still a bit early. We had freezing temps last night and cool weather all weekend. Yesterday I left the greenhouse in the garage all day with the wood stove going and the big fluorescent lights on. I just wish it would get warm and stay warm already!
sheila said…
WOW! That's huge! We grew broccoli in our first garden last year. I planted 4 and ended up with only one. It grew clusters (or whatever the heck they are called) and I! And I thought, maybe I should let them get at the grocery store.

A couple days later I came out and it was all flowered, LOL! Apparently it doesn't grow big like at the grocery store. At least in my back yard, lol.

Great garden!
Jennifer said…
Your garden looks great. I haven't even planted anything yet.
Julia said…
Wow, now that's a garden! It looks amazing, I can't wait to see how it all goes.
Julie said…
I loved reading your "garden adventures" as mine are just beginning. It feel like we get such a late start up here in the North. I can't believe you are close to harvesting the broccoli!

I'm actaully just headed out to plant my tomatoes outside...I do them in large pots. They seem to thrive like that..and I can keep them away from the deer!

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